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Skin Care Tips for Men

Posted by Natalie Michele on
Skin Care Tips for Men

Quick Skin Care Tips for Men

Wash Them or Toss Them. Sweaty and Dirty brims leads to breakouts. You don't wear your bowers over and over again without washing them, right? Same washing theory applies to your hat. Get them cleaned.
Give your glasses a quick wash. This prevents blackheads and pimples in the area your glasses rest on your skin. Plus, you see better!
Your hands pick-up the most bacteria and dirt - and then you text! Give that phone a swipe with alcohol to kill germs, but don't drowned it.
Upgrade your razor! Choose a razor that's right for your skin and hair growth. Try electric or a classic shaver.
Ditch the aftershave. Old Fashion aftershave is loaded with alcohol and synthetic fragrances. The aftershave burn that you feel is a signal that it's not good for your skin. Switch to a hydrating toner or go straight to a moisturizer with SPF.
After a workout, always rinse or wash your skin and then reapply your SPF! Going outside for your workout? Throw on a sport's SPF to prevent aging from the sun.
Ask for Help
They say men have problems asking for directions, but my experience is they just need the right source. Find your source and ask away.
Keep that Skin in Shape!
Book your next facial to keep your skin in tip top shape.
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