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30 Day Oosouji Challenge Part 4

Posted by Natalie Michele on
30 Day Oosouji Challenge Part 4


"What does a 30 Day Oosouji Challenge have to do with your skin and facials? Everything! If you don’t have an organized area or clear idea of what you need and what you have, you’ll waste time and money." - Natalie Michele @NRxSKIN
Here's the final phase of the Oosouji Challenge!
Don't leave any bag unturned.

Grab that travel bag! Clean it or replace it. Toss old items and load it up with travel essentials!
My favorites are the Nourishing HydroMask to use before and after a flight and my Nourishing HydroSerum for a boost of moisture.

Even though this isn't technically a beauty product it's a good time to go through your medicine cabinet. Don't worry I'll be posting my must have skin items that belong in your medicine cabinet!
Skin Emergency Must Haves!

Time to restock the essentials! Here are my favorites: Witch Hazel - it's a great standby toner that can clean the skin without stripping. It's versatile too. Did you know it helps reduce capillaries or that it's great for reducing hemorrhoids. 💩 Lanolin - from nipples to lips this is a great remedy for thirsty & chapped skin or prevention.💋 Benadryl - because it's not pretty when an allergic reaction happens. 👹You must be armed. Cortizone - have a swallow pimple and event? Reduce inflammation with this and cover it up. A flatter surface is easier to deal with. 😉 Neosporin - another great cabinet must have. Have you ever had a pedicure go bad with a swollen toe. Put this old school bacteria killing remedy on cuts, scrapes and injuries you are suspicious about. Alcohol 70% - how else are you going to sanitize tools, products and surfaces 🤓 Colloidal Oatmeal - not in this photo but I swear by it. My favorite is Aveeno's Eczema Bath. It's one ingredient! Put it in a bath for dry skin, sun burns, or just a boost of moisture. Make it into a pasty mask to calm skin. How about a mini facial at home?
Congrats! You just finished the 30 Day Oosouji Challenge!
You're so smart!
Natalie Michele
P.S. Do you know someone who would appreciate this information or is looking for a facial and skin care love. Share the love by forwarding them this post!
*Oosouji = Major (Oo) + Cleaning (souji)
A Japanese tradition that is on par with our Spring Cleaning. Oosouji is generally celebrated at the end of the year to declutter and organize homes, office, schools and our emotional status. It's believed that Oosouji clears out any impure influences and creates space to welcome positive energy.
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