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30 Day Oosouji Challenge Part 3

Posted by Natalie Michele on
30 Day Oosouji Challenge Part 3


"What does a 30 Day Oosouji Challenge have to do with your skin and facials? Everything! If you don’t have an organized area or clear idea of what you need and what you have, you’ll waste time and money." - Natalie Michele @NRxSKIN

Yup, you gotta do the Shower too!

Pick up those bottles and check to see if they have any black rings on the bottom - if yes - you have mold eww! Toss expired items, gift any thing you don't love and think of options that will keep that shower organized. I ❤️ my Simple Human dispensers!
Don't overlook your hair products and tools.

Toss old expired products and clean and replace broken hair tools. Check out my Oosouji blog to find out how to tell if products are expired.
Keep nails healthy.

Toss old nail files, nail polish that has separated, and any broken tools. Suds up your tools and douse with Alcohol. Remember this should be done frequently.
Next Sunday, I'll post Part 3 of the 30 Day Oosouji Challenge! You'll have a whole week to do the first part of the four part challenge.
Natalie Michele
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