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30 Day Oosouji Challenge Part 2

Posted by Natalie Michele on
30 Day Oosouji Challenge Part 2


"What does a 30 Day Oosouji Challenge have to do with your skin and facials? Everything! If you don’t have an organized area or clear idea of what you need and what you have, you’ll waste time and money."

- Natalie Michele @NRxSKIN

Ready for Part 2 of your Oosouji Challenge?
Avoid Pink eye!

Are you guilty of holding on to your makeup too long? The best way to steer clear of bacteria and pink eye is to toss old makeup and clean drawers, bags and tools.
Here's one of my favorite affordable options from IKEA that will help you organize your makeup.
Don't forget the makeup bag!

Don't hold on to dirty bags that containment your other products! Wash it or replace it!
Look for out of the box solutions for makeup bags. I picked up this clutch up for under $10 and it's the perfect on the go make-up bag.
Don't overlook the tools!
Do your tools need to be sharpened or do they still work?
If the answer is yes, then wash them with soap and water, air dry them and spray them with alcohol.
If no, then replace or fix. Don't hold on to broken items for longer than a month. The likelihood of you repairing after a month are slim - just replace.
Clean those brushes!


My favorite brush cleaner is from Cinema Secrets. Anyone in the industry knows this makeup brand.
Another option is to wash your brush with your facial cleanser to remove the makeup buildup. Pat dry and once it has dried completely, spritz it with a little alcohol to kill any bacteria.
I recommend your facial cleanser because we already know that it works well with your skin, and alcohol will evaporate with no residual.
Needless to say, this shouldn't be a once a year activity.
Next week, I'll post Part 3 of the 30 Day Oosouji Challenge! You'll have a two weeks to do the first half of the four part challenge.
Natalie Michele
P.S. Do you know someone who would appreciate this information or is looking for a facial and skin care love. Share the love by forwarding them this post!
*Oosouji = Major (Oo) + Cleaning (souji)
A Japanese tradition that is on par with our Spring Cleaning. Oosouji is generally celebrated at the end of the year to declutter and organize homes, office, schools and our emotional status. It's believed that Oosouji clears out any impure influences and creates space to welcome positive energy.
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