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Posted by Natalie Michele on

Oosouji = Major (Oo) + Cleaning (souji)

A Japanese tradition that is on par with our Spring Cleaning.  Oosouji is generally celebrated at the end of the year to declutter and organize homes, office, schools and our emotional status. It's believed that Oosouji clears out any impure influences and creates space to welcome positive energy.

Ready for some Positive Energy!
It's time to let go, organize and feel great.

Let's start with the all bottles on/in our bathroom counters, drawers and showers.

Here's my easy 1-2-3 solution.

You are going to make 3 groups.

1st Group - Everything that has expired!
Check the dates on bottles. If there are no dates then check to see if the product has changed color or smell or if it has separated. This is the immediate toss group - no matter what! No matter how much it cost.

2nd Group - Items you do not use daily, weekly or monthly.
These are the items you have collected through the year, or even years, that are not your favorites.

3rd Group - Your Favorites! You use them daily, weekly or even monthly.

Group 2 is the group everyone has trouble with. We hang on to items that do not work for us or that we feel are just blah. Why? Because you spent your money on it and you don't want to waste it, right? O.K. I'm the first one to give you permission to let go of these items to make room for more things that you love. Image how great you'll feel when every thing is clean and tidy in your drawers - and every time you open it you see all the things you love! How are we going to do this?

This is How.

 Let's approach Group 2 items in a new way.

Can that expensive night cream be used as a luxurious hand or foot cream? If so, throw it on your nightstand and start treating yourself.

 Do you hit the car, office or gym and think -  I wish I had...

Then start to disperse these items to convenient locations that allow you to use them. 

Maybe an item isn't your favorite, but it could be someone's new favorite.

Give it away!

Put a notation on your calendar 30 days from the day you started your Oosouji. After 30 days, if you haven't used, touched or given them away they become "toss" items. Why, because 30 days becomes 60 days and 60 days becomes 90 days. Before you know it, you are at Spring Cleaning time again, staring at the same bottles.

Toss it, and I bet you won't even remember it next OoSouji!

So into this right now!

Dr. Lipp on everything! 

I even used it on my son's tushie the other day.

In my services, I Micro-derm lips and placing it on as a recovery mask. mmm...yummy! 

The new "Today & To-Do" Day Designer mini by Whitney English.  I find if I write it down, I get it done!  ~ Oosouji inspired.


Start ramping up your sunscreen applications. Want to make applications easier? Place a dollop of SPF in your hands, rub your hands together and then pat the SPF around the area. This helps disperse the SPF before rubbing it in.

Remember reapply like you have OCD!


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