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What the HECK is a LED Light Therapy Facial?

Posted by Natalie Michele on
What the HECK is a LED Light Therapy Facial?
An LED Light therapy Facial is the application of light rays to help relieve skin issues associated with aging and damage.


There are 3 types of light therapies commonly know in the beauty industry.
Laser - light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
IPL - intense pulsed light
LED - light emitting diode


LED is the most noninvasive light therapy

The variation of these light therapy treatments depends on the wavelength/frequency of the light, heat and penetration of the skin. To better explain the use of light therapy, think of a rainbow. When a rainbow appears we are seeing all the visible wavelengths and frequencies of light. The full spectrum of light is what you see during the day. It's appears as a daylight. We isolated different colors of the rainbow to produce different results in the skin.

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