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Cause Ya Gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith - Baby

Posted by Natalie Michele on
Cause Ya Gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith - Baby
Just in time for Mother's day and Father's day too!
If you have heard about Essential Faith,
than you know it has a Cult following.
This Venice, CA born scent is made to order from hand selected natural ingredients, delicately extracted to preserve the exotic sourced Indonesian oils. Because of its unique essential oil profile the scent changes from person to person making it a unisex scent.
Essential Faith is a simple, yet uniquely fresh scent, hand-crafted from essential oils in a 1/6th oz. roll-on bottle, making it travel friendly.
" Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible. Embrace the personal, seductive scent of the body, soul, and spirit. " - essential Faith
I have very limited quantity!
Please CALL, EMAIL or TEXT to order!
Natalie Michele
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