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What's a LED Light Therapy Facial? It's the Best Facial in Los Angeles!

Posted by Natalie Michele on
What's a LED Light Therapy Facial? It's the Best Facial in Los Angeles!


What the HECK is a LED Light Therapy Facial?

An LED Light therapy Facial is the application of light rays to help relieve skin issues associated with aging and damage.
There are 3 types of light therapies commonly know in the beauty industry.
Laser - light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
IPL - intense pulsed light
LED - light emitting diode
LED is the most noninvasive light therapy
The variation of these light therapy treatments depends on the wavelength/frequency of the light, heat and penetration of the skin. To better explain the use of light therapy, think of a rainbow. When a rainbow appears we are seeing all the visible wavelengths and frequencies of light. The full spectrum of light is what you see during the day. It's appears as a daylight. We isolated different colors of the rainbow to produce different results in the skin. Hmmm, maybe we should call it


Rainbow Therapy



How does a LED Light Therapy Facial create change in the Skin?
LED Light Therapy is similar to photosynthesis* because it converts light into cellular energy. Just like plants, our skin and tissue can absorb light and convert it into energy. This is how LED Light Therapy stimulate's the body's response for healing, healthier skin regeneration and cellular metabolism. The sun emits a full spectrum of light which includes harmful UV rays that damage skin. When we isolate a wavelength/frequency in a LED light therapy facial it delivers light energy that limits the yucky UV-rays.
Different lights produces different effect in the skin. Light therapy has been around for years to treat physical conditions such as pain, inflammation and damaged skin. Also, it has been shown to help lymph and circulation. Various psychological effects have been studied with light therapy. For example, red is consider stimulating and green is calming.
LED Light Therapy Facial is a complementary treatment.
LED Light Therapy works best in a series of treatments. LED Light Therapy Facials are similar to sunbathing. Frequent sun exposure leads to darker skin - Frequent exposure Led Light Therapy exposure leads to better skin. This is a horrible example because I don't want you tanning your skin and soak up all those UV Rays, but it's a relatable analogy.
LED Light Therapy is not a replacement therapy, but a complimentary therapy to boost your results from your regular skin care routine. It should be booked with your NRxMonthly (90min) facial or my weekly/bi-weekly Express Light Therapy Facials (30mins).
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