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Prepping for your Men's Facial

Posted by Natalie Michele on
Prepping for your Men's Facial

Ready for your facial?

You found a great esthetician (hopefully me) and you booked your facial. Now what? The first thing you should do is plan on prepping your skin for your facial the night before.
Why do men have to prep their skin?
Because you have facial hair. To shave or not to shave? That is the question. This depends on how you normally wear your facial hair and if you have skin issues under the beard or mustache.
If you have a beard, mustache, neck hair or a combination - it's best to shave areas outside your preferred facial hair style and trim the hair to allow access to areas like the lips and neck that may need treatment.
If you have bacteria, fungus or a rash under your facial hair - contact your esthetician for specific instructions.
If your preference is clean-cut then shave the night before. This is the easiest way to treat the entire face.
Here's a quick chart:

Now each esthetician works slightly differently based on how they practice. I prefer my clients to shave the night before a facial - just in case you nick the skin and/or to provide a larger variety of exfoliation treatments.
Refrain From These Products
If you are on any active products that exfoliate your skin, you want to refrain from using them before your facial.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids - 24 hours before the facial.
Retinols/Vit A or Benzoyl Peroxide 24-72 hours before your facial - depending on your skin type.
Ready for your Facial!
Now you're ready for your facial. Be sure to rebook your next facial after your service. Follow-up facials help you better understand your skin and it's needs, while allowing your esthetician to customized your home skin care regimen based on your results and feedback. Also, monthly facials will keep your skin in tip top shape and keep you on top of your home skin care regimen.
Book your Men's facial or NRxMonthly Facial now!
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Natalie Michele
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