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Is Your Skin Different to a Woman's skin?

Posted by Natalie Michele on
Is Your Skin Different to a Woman's skin?

Men's Facials usually address issues commonly associated with men. But it's my belief that even though there are common traits in men's skin - there is not a one size fits all when treating men. So, my answer is...

Yes and No
Men tend to have more collagen and elastin fibers with a tighter adipose (fatty tissue). This gives a man's skin more strength and better wear and tear. A man's skin is on average 20% to 30% thicker than woman's skin.

I've seen men with thin skin and women with thick skin. Why? Because of genetics, ethnic background and lifestyle.
O.K. There's another difference - Facial Hair!
The obviously difference between men and women, is facial hair. Facial hair is a blessing and a curse. While shaving every day can be a big pain in the butt, it can have it's benefits. Shaving acts as form manual exfoliation which keeps the skin fresh - as long as you're on the right shaving routine for your skin type. Also, thick facial hair can act as an additional support structure for the skin.
But I have seen women with pretty thick facial hair!
During a facial your esthetician will go through the beard line to address ingrown hairs and folliculitis (infection of the hair follicle).
Why is Men's Skin Categorized?
Because it's easier and it's marketing. Few men are comfortable using pink bottles of face wash that smell like flowers. Just like a typical women's skin care line, a men's skin care line is formulated for particular skin issues or skin types. The main difference is that the men's skin care line is the is finalized by a masculine fragrance and manly bottle.
Are the ingredients in a Men's Skin Care line different?
No. The foundation of good skin care is based on the same ingredients for both men and women. The most important thing is to matching up your skin type, skin issues, and lifestyle habits to the correct formulation/product.
That is why it is so important to have an expert assist you in figuring out what is right for you. The more you communication and feedback you provide to your professional skin care provider, the quicker your results and overall skin happiness you'll have.
How often should I get a facial?
Ideally, a monthly facial will keep your skin in tip top shape and keep you on top of your home skin care regimen. Acne skin or skin with more issues can benefit from bi-weekly visits. Ready to start? Book your Men's facial or NRxMonthly Facial now!
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Natalie Michele
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