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There's Nothing Girly about Skin Care! Facials & Skin Care for Men.

Posted by Natalie Michele on
There's Nothing Girly about Skin Care! Facials & Skin Care for Men.

There's a weird stigma that some men have about skin care. I've heard the silliest things about men getting facials.

"Aren't facials for girls?"
No, last time I checked men have skin too.
"But I'm not a very MetroSexual kinda guy."
Showering isn't a metro-sexual thing, neither are facials.
Sometimes I refer to myself as a skin hygienist.
Just like a dental hygienist: I clean and remove buildup from the skin, educate on skin care, and provide preventative skin care. That doesn't sound girly, does it! Most of the time, Men are pretty shocked on how much they enjoy a facial.
What happens in a Men's Facial?
I do an analyst of your skin and talk to you about your personal observations of your skin. I then cleanse your face, neck and chest thoroughly. Next, I gentle remove any dead skin through exfoliation. (Especially, in your beard line where hair follicles can trap dead skin and create skin issues.) Followed by the removal of clogged pores that need manual removal. Then I apply a mask that calms, soothes, and hydrates the skin. Finally, I apply a light serum, moisturizer and SPF for your skin type.
Some facials can include a relaxation massage or I may utilize high-tec pieces of equipment to infuse serums and mask into the skin for knock out skin!
What will the skin look like?
You may have a flushing from circulation to face. Like after a workout. You may be slightly pink in the area we removed clogged pores, but this calms quickly. Overall, Your skin will look hydrated and fresh.
Best Face Wash for Men?
Skin care is as unique as your fingerprint. I don't recommend a cookie cutter regimen. For great results, find an expert to help you customize your home regimen (hopefully that's me). Start with the basics like a cleanser, shaving oil and moisturizing SPF. Then you can gradually move up to vitamin infused products that address aging and issues.
How often should I get a facial?
Ideally, a monthly facial will keep your skin in tip top shape and keep you on top of your home skin care regimen. Acne skin or skin with more issues can benefit from bi-weekly visits. Ready to start? Book your Men's facial or NRxMonthly Facial now!
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Natalie Michele
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