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UVA & UVB are ruining your Anti-Aging Facial!

Posted by Natalie Michele on
UVA & UVB are ruining your Anti-Aging Facial!

What to improve your facial results?

Start protecting your skin from UVB & UVA.

The two types of ultraviolet radiation that we tend to be concern with the most is UVA and UVB. Both damage the skin, age it prematurely and increase your risk of skin cancer. YIKES! None of that is worth a tan.
UVB is what causes sunburns. It's associated with skin damage that occurs in the top layers of the skin - the epidermis. Hello can you say skin cancer? Yup, UVB is one of your skin cancer source, so while you're enjoying your tan - you are also increasing your risk to skin cancer. But don't worry it doesn't always show up as skin cancer immediately. First you get that amazing tan or burn then a few years later those wonderful freckles and then age spots that turn into solar keratosis (precancerous spots) and then BAM - skin cancer. Sorry for the dramatics but everyone is a little too casual about the damage they are taking on when they are baking in the sun for a tan. But I still love you!
The intensity of UVB varies by season, location and time of day. UVB can burn and damage your skin year-round. High altitudes and reflective surfaces like snow, ice and water increase the exposure to your skin - and you thought you were safe because it was snowing or raining - ahh you're so cute.
UVA penetrates deeper into the skin then UVB. UVA is associated with the aging of the skin. Think premature wrinkles! UVA is the devil when it comes to preventive skin care. You are consistently exposed to UVA regardless of the time of day. UVA can penetrate clouds and glass. UVA cause accumulative damage over time. There are new studies showing UVA contributes to and may even initiate the development of skin cancer. This is why I'm such a proponent of wearing sunscreen while indoors during the day. Last but not least, you are exposed to UVA even when you are sit in the shade, so you may not be burning - you are still exposed to those pesky UVA rays.
But I want to TAN!
A tan is your skin's way of protecting itself from harmful UV rays and further DNA damage. Tan = DNA DAMAGE! Is it worth it? Clearly not in my opinion. But the good news is there are amazing products on the market that offer a Tan like appearance - Self Tanners. Self Tanners or Spray Tans are the closest thing to achieving a safer tan.
Natalie Michele
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