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What's an UV Index Scale?

Posted by Natalie Michele on
What's an UV Index Scale?

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I bet you haven't seen it before.


If you have, I'm thoroughly impressed! This is the UV Index Scale. It rates the severity of UV rays during the day. Your UV index rating will vary based on location and time of day. The best place to find your location's UV index is online with your weather forecast. I like to use this Willy
Did you know that Los Angeles Summers hit the Red Zone at about 10/11am?!?!
The EPA (Environmental Protect Agency) uses this scale in the U.S. to help the public avoid harmful UV Radiation from the sun. You can use the UV Index to know when you need to be on top of your sunscreen reapplication and when you should just avoid it all together.
Here's a quick reference guide for the UVA Index. Just know once you're in yellow you should never be caught dead without sunscreen and protection.
Natalie Michele
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