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Why Should I Wear Sunscreen? Is Sunlight Bad?

Posted by Natalie Michele on
Why Should I Wear Sunscreen? Is Sunlight Bad?

 Don't waste the benefits of your facial! Wear sunscreen daily!

If you are in Los Angeles and see me for facials then you probably know I'm a sunscreen pusher. But if you are not religious with your daily applications of sunscreen then you probably don't really understand sunscreen. No worries - I'm here to help.

Why should I use Sunscreen?

All daylight or visible light has some radiation. Therefore you are always exposed during the day regardless of where you live, what the weather is or your genetic background. Even under an umbrella or indoors you are exposed to indirect sunlight which still has some radiation.
Think of that indoor plant - how would it grow if it wasn't receiving sunlight? It wouldn't! It needs indirect sunlight.

Is Sunlight Bad?

No, it's not all bad but overexposure to sunlight can ruin all your anti-aging efforts. Sunlight contains both visible full spectrum of light and invisible UV (UltraViolet Radiation) and Infrared.
Do you remember my blog post on LED? Here's the photo from the blog post. I explained health benefits to isolating different wavelength found in a full spectrum of visible light.
The part of the spectrum you can't see but creates damage to the skin is invisible UV (UltraViolet) Rays. My UV Blog Post is a Must Read!
How much Sun can I get?
This is a tricky question. There are so many variables involved. Here are some of the variables:
- How much pigment does your skin natural have (without a tan)?
- What's the UV Index?
- Where do you live?
- What season is it?
- How much skin damage have you accumulated?
- What skin care products are you using?
- What is your family history of skin cancer?
- Are you genetically predisposed to skin cancer?
As you can see, it's very tricky. I highly recommend you see a professional skin care therapist to help you weed through this but here's a few suggestions.
If you live in an area with high levels of pollution - slap that sunscreen on no matter what. Pollution oxidizes the skin and there are several studies being conducted about how pollution in combination with UV rays is great compromising your skin. Sunscreen can act like a barrier between you and pollution.
Look at the UV Index - When the UV Index is low this is the best time to expose yourself to sunlight within reason. I like to say about 10-15 mins, not on the face or any area that is overexposed during the day. Stop exposure before the skin flushes or warms, and never tan the skin. Don't know what a UV Index is stay tune for my UV Index post.
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Natalie Michele
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